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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of business is Barbacoa Boyz?

- Barbacoa Boyz is an Ontario corporation with the legal name 1000399829 Ontario Inc. and is operated and run independently by owners Jamie Beeston and Christina Beeston. The business consists of a catering kitchen and a mobile kitchen (food trailer).

Where is Barbacoa Boyz licensed?

- Barbacoa Boyz (which consists of a catering kitchen and mobile kitchen) is licensed in Quinte West and Belleville. It is up to date on both it's health inspections through the Hastings and Prince Edward County unit and the local fire departments.  


Why should I hire Barbacoa Boyz?

- If you're bored of the same old food and sketchy service, call Barbacoa Boyz! We take our food to the next level and are committed to service with a smile. Meet Chef Jamie here!

Where is Barbacoa Boyz located?

-Barbacoa Boyz is located in the City of Quinte West, also known as Trenton, in Ontario, Canada. Sometimes we're popped up at a local event. Find our contact info here.

Does Barbacoa Boyz provide other services?

- In addition to catering, Barbacoa Boyz provides a rentable mobile kitchen and chef  for private events. The mobile kitchen can also be found at different festivals and pop-ups in the Bay of Quinte area. 

Can I place an order for pick-up?

-Yes, you can place a catering order (minimum of $250) for pick up at least two weeks in advance.

When should I place my catering order?

-We require at least two weeks notice for catering (minimum of $250), however we cannot guarantee availability, especially during the summer season. We suggest requesting a quote as soon as you start planning your event, large or small.

Where does Barbacoa come from?

-Read our blog all about the history of Barbacoa here

How do you say Barbacoa?

-It's pronounced Baar-buh-co-uh

How do you say Plantain?

-In the Caribbean, we say Plan-tin.

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