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Happy Thanksgiving from Barbacoa Boyz!

How happy will it be though? Well, with a new 28 day lockdown being implemented, I'm not sure...

This year, Covid-19 has turned a lot of businesses on their heads but I don't know if one has been hit as bad as the hospitality industry.

I spoke earlier this year about the troubles in my blog post, "Will Covid-19 Crush our Culinary Community?" and the opportunities that extreme circumstances the pandemic has created.

We've seen places shift and push take-out dining to lead their sales. At home, pre-packaged food kits are selling like hot-cakes too.

Alas, the sales from these efforts just aren't enough and we keep seeing places close - left, right and centre.

This test of resiliency will push a lot more restaurants to close. With the colder weather coming and less people on the streets, it's going to push these businesses even further down a hole they will already have a hard time digging out of.

It's hard to see a silver lining in all this.

Personally, this trying time has provided a lot of ups and downs but I've seen my business continue to grow, slowly. Covid-19 has forced me to pivot and adjust.

Some things have worked, some not, but what has helped me the most is my community. They have reached out and supported in different ways and it's an amazing feeling.

Even when things seem all doom and gloom, the only thing to do is carry on. Keep going, keep pushing. At the end of the day, despite what's going on, the world is still turning and you should keep going too. I know I do.

Peace and love!

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