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In the beginning...

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So after about 20 years of working in hospitality, I finally decided to take that step and open my own business.

Now, my first idea was to open up a sandwich shop. It’s one of the ideas that I’ve been working on for awhile – simple, homemade sandwiches with a big emphasis on quality.

Po'boy sandwich

Quality over everything.

I realized this is a super-saturated market but I still felt like we could set ourselves apart from the rest with some unique flavours and in-house prepared meats.

I was definitely gung-ho and motivated on this idea, but after so many years of working and seeing first hand how quickly business can change (and not for the better), I knew there would be difficulties with running a brick-and-mortar operation.

We even got lucky and had a location made available where we wouldn't have to pay rent for a few months (God bless family) but it was across the city and didn't have a pre-existing kitchen. "If you build it they will come" doesn't always apply.

I've learned that “the little voice in your head" is not something you should take lightly. I've learned to listen to it over the years and it’s never steered me wrong... We didn't go through with the sandwich shop - the challenges outweighed the benefits.

Since then, a lot of people have asked me why I didn’t start with a restaurant.

Besides the fact that a restaurant is a monumental financial commitment, I knew that I wanted to cater to people on a more personal level at the beginning. I’m now at the point where sharing my passion is the next step in my career and I refuse to compromise my dreams and vision.

Any chef will tell you that figuring out the finite details is part of the cooking obsession. I’ve been focused enough to create a space where I could be close to my most recent passions and focus; Leonidas and Augustus, my two sons.

My boyz, Leo and Gus

I’ve got myself a small at-home business - a no-frills catering kitchen, city-approved, legal, green-card-in-the-front-window work space that’s all mine, for me to create my dreams in.

I hope you get the chance to taste them.

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2 comentários

Chantelle Lewis-Walters
Chantelle Lewis-Walters
26 de out. de 2019

Love this... the man with a plan... love the vision, love your food.


Mista Blake
Mista Blake
26 de out. de 2019

Great story and even better decision making. All the best!!

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